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"We believe in embracing diversity, wherever you come from. Shroomeats® is for everyone."

Our Mission

We used to love meat, but times have changed. Knowing the benefits of eating a meatless diet has inspired us to search for the perfect meat alternative without losing that same delicious and mouth watering moment when taking a bite.

Our mission is to introduce the power of mushrooms to all consumers - from devoted vegans to proud carnivores.

From our kitchen to yours, we created a product that is the foundation of all comfort food. SHROOMEATS is something special for everyone to enjoy. It easily turns into countless dishes. We embrace diversity in food and want to deliver "The New Delicious" to creative kitchens around the world. 


"The New Delicious"

We make SHROOMEATS with our hearts believing that life is too short to not eat
good, quality food. Introducing the


The Power of
Shiitake Mushroom

Shiitake mushroom has been one of the most precious ingredients throughout history. We made it easy and convenient to have in your kitchen to make countless dishes.


Be an Explorer!

Exploring the world is endless.
Embrace creativity and diversity through your dishes. SHROOMEATS is good for you, your loved ones, and our planet!


Friendly Foods, Intl LLC
Avalon, CA 90704-1564